What is Stone Coated Metal Roofing?


Our Stone Coated Steel roofing tiles are an investment above the rest, and offer the best of all worlds in metal roofing options delivering the strength and longevity of metal roofing, and the beauty and style of various profiles from wood shake to architectural shingles. We offer the best stone coated steel roofing – better than any other roofing material you can buy, and 50 years from now, our stone coated steel roofing tiles will look and function in exactly the same way as the day they were installed. At the very minimum, that is our guarantee! Our stone coated steel roofing products offer you peace of mind by delivering the best protection from the elements, and your hard earned money!

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We are happy to work with a company that focuses on the customer as much as the environment;
Boral Stone Coated Steel Roofing does just that.

Our materials are sourced with Mother Nature in mind.


☀ We use 100% recyclable materials

☀ You can reclaim all of the water from your roof

☀ Our steel panels are composed of up to 58% recycled steel

☀ Our suppliers recycle all pallets and paper 

☀ Under 2% of our manufacturing waste goes to landfills

☀ All of our steel comes from suppliers with onsite recycling

☀ We purchase packaging from vendors who promote recycling

☀ Achieves higher energy efficiencies than any other roof type

☀ We offer certified Energy Star colors

☀ Qualifier for LEED credits

Say NO to roofing over!

What is roofing-over?

The practice of installing new shingles or metal roofing over preexisting materials is often referred to as “roofing over”. In most cases, this is a method commonly used by homeowners on a budget, however it often leads to more expensive and frequent repairs in the future. This process avoids a lot of the typical roofing process, such as scraping the roof down to the decking underneath, and checking for any water damage or existing leaks. It is a cheaper, faster repair for the problem; however covering up a problem such as a leaking roof is NEVER a permanent fix. Roofing over often leads to larger problems such as rotting and mold issues, which are costly and have significant impacts on the health and well-being of your family.


  • Covering up pre-existing problems can lead to serious issues later on

  • It is often significantly less expensive to do it right the first time

  • Most of our emergency winter projects consist of the replacement of failed roof over projects


Have it installed right the first time to ensure the quality and longevity of your investment! When it is time for a new roof, please give us a call to set up an appointment for your free estimate!

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