1. An Investment Above the Rest
The initial cost of installing a Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than with other
roofing materials. However, the money a homeowner can save is significant, because a Green Horizons roof will be the last roof you ever buy and adds to your home’s beauty and to its resale value with a transferable 50 year warranty. Finally, insurance companies in many areas will lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums by as much as 35% due to the proven protection of a Stone Coated Steel Roof.
2. “Good for a Lifetime” vs. “Sooner or Later”
The average life of a non-steel roof is approximately 17 years. For example, asphalt, or “composition” shingles can require re-roofing every 10 to 20 years or sooner. Compare that with a Stone Coated Steel Roof that includes a warranty that is good for the lifetime of the owner (transferable).
3. Give Your Home A Beauty Makeover
Whatever the style, color or finish of your current roof, there is most likely a Stone Coated Steel Roof that will match the appearance of your home. Whether you want the look of an asphalt shingle, cedar shake or slate, you can select from a full range of roofing profiles that will enhance the beauty of your home.
4. Strength for the Long Run
Life is hard. Mother Nature is harder, especially on non-steel roofing materials which begin to deteriorate immediately after they are installed from exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes, and the effect of hailstones, heavy snow pack, ice and wind. A Stone Coated Steel Roof, however, can take extreme weather conditions and still look and protect like new for a lifetime.
5. Most Durable
Stone coated steel roofing is designed and built to withstand the harshest of elements for a minimum of 50 years – guaranteed. We don’t spare expenses and we don’t cut corners. Our stone coated steel roofing is made from 3/16 galvalume coated steel – the most durable roofing material available. Combine this with our highly durable baked on petroleum base coat, reflective & decorative stone coatings, and best UV rated acrylic finishes, and you have a material that will never rot, crack, warp or break – at least not in one’s lifetime. This classic look of a stone coated steel metal roof will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful.
6. Light weight
Our stone coated steel metal roofing weighs only 1.5 pounds per square foot making it one of the safest roofs in seismic regions and a great alternative to the heavy clay and concrete tile options which weigh as much as 15 pounds per square foot! The difference between using stone coated steel metal roofing over concrete or clay roofing products results in almost 10 times less weight pushing down on your homes structure.
7. 120 mph Wind Warranty
Our stone coated steel metal roof tiles use both interlocking technology coupled with our solid, tried and tested fastening schedule to deliver the best results in the roofing industry, time after time. Though we guarantee a wind resistance rating of 120 MPH, when tested, our stone coated steel metal roof tiles withstood winds up to 200 MPH. Our interlocking panels and batten-mounting system offers minimal movement and extraordinary resistance to wind uplift. The tiles have been tested and unlike asphalt and concrete, stone-coated metal roofs cannot be stripped off.
8. 2.5″ Hail Stone Warranty
Not all metal roofing tiles are the same. Our 3/16 inch steel roof tiles are made from the highest quality steel available, thanks to our parent supply company, Metals USA. Our steel roofing tiles are also some of the thickest and most durable metal roofing systems available, and guaranteed to stand up to 2.5 inch hail which is a Class 4 Impact Rating!
9. Class “A” Fire Rating
Stone coated steel roofing systems are non-combustible, and offer the best fire protection rating in the industry, and the best protection for your home against outside fires. Our interlocking overlapping tile technology provides no access for windblown embers to penetrate under your roof and ignite wood under-framing.


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