Gallery of Stone Coated Metal Roofing Systems

Rob and Jean's Stone Coated Metal Shingles

Brutus, MI

Rob and Jean built their home to last through out their retirement and to pass on to their children. For this reason plus the tough northern Michigan winters, choosing stone coated metal roofing was easy. The initial investment would easily pay off throughout the lifetime of the home, considering they or their children would never need to replace the roof again. First we installed the roofing system on their home and garage.

The first winter after the installation, Rob and Jean were completely won over by the metal shingles. Unlike standing seam or pole barn metal, stone coated metal roofing does not allow the melting snow to rush off the roof all at once. Instead it gradually heats up and the snow falls off more slowly. This was a huge relief because Rob and Jean have many grandchild and now they didn’t need to worry about the kids being buried by melting snow. In the spring, Rob decided he wanted the stone coated metal on his boathouse to match the house and garage. And then, he even wanted it on his deer shed!

Terry and Diane's Stone Coated Metal Shingles

Cadillac, MI

Terry and Diane love their new stone coated metal roof and are a great reference for Green Horizons. They enjoy telling our potential customers why they chose stone coated metal and even invite them over to see the roof in person. They explain that in the next ten years they plan to retire and do not want to worry about replacing or maintaining their home when their income becomes fixed. For this reason, they wanted to choose a roof that will out live them. Plus they wanted to replace the roof when they had enough income coming in that the initial investment wouldn’t be a burden. And so they chose stone coated metal that is warrantied for 50 years, will hold up in high winds, hail, ice, and of course the harsh northern Michigan winter. The Skylights were replaced and the garage was also included. We built a saddle to go over where the two roofs connect to keep the snow and ice from building up and causing a possible leak. As a final touch, Scott re-roofed Diane’s wishing well. With the waste from a project, Scott likes to leave a lasting impression. Sometimes its a bird house or a dog house and in Diane’s case, it was the wishing well her father built. The hanging basket Jen bought Terry and Diane hangs in the background.

Harold and Kelly's Stone Coated Metal Shingles

Traverse City, MI


Harold and Kelly had an old roof ready to be replaced. The 30 year shingles lasted 15 and were now crackled, curling and growing algae. There are no trees covering their home so the shingles were baking in the sun. Harold and Kelly were  tired of worrying about the roof and wanted a fix to last forever. Kelly said it was a difficult decision but when she started thinking about replacing her roof again in 15 years when she would be on the verge of retirement, her mind was made. She chose stone coated metal because the initial price would be paid off in 15 years when she didn’t need to replace the roof again. Notice the faded sun-baked shingles in the front and the cracked and curling in the back. This roof was on the verge of a leak. One more winter would have been the breaking point.



Harold and Kelly will never again look up at a faded baking roof. Stone coated metal shingles never fade and look great forever! They chose woodland green shingles to set off the pretty white siding.