Reflective Technology

How does Reflective technology Work?

Reflective Technology works by reflecting radiated heat rays back towards the source from which they originated. Examples inside your home are: a fireplace, a space heater, your furnace, or even a light bulb. The primary source outside is the sun. The value of reflective technology to reflect the Sun’s heat in the summer is pretty clear, but you can also save energy costs in the colder months by insulating with reflective blankets.

Reflective Technology in the Summer or warm months

The main source of wasted energy in your home during the summer is from trying to cool your living space. Your roof and walls absorb the sun’s radiant heat which then transfers into your attic and eventually into your living space. Most of this radiated heat can be reflected back toward the outdoors when reflective technology insulation is installed. Properly installed, it will block 97% of radiant heat which will save you money by keeping your home cooler.

Reflective Technology in the Winter or cold months

The main source of wasted energy in your home comes from heat loss as heat naturally rises from your living space into your attic and out through the roof. Heat is radiated in all directions through the ceiling, walls and floor and will always radiate outward from its source. The more heat lost the more heating energy it takes to replace it.

Reflective technology reduces wasted energy by reflecting most of the rising heat back toward your living space when installed on the floor of your attic. It works with your already installed insulation by reflecting what heat is trying to escape. Reflective technology in a crawl space prevents duct work heat loss. Please read The Attic Blanket and Crawl Space Blanket pages for more information.