Attic Blanket

With Rising Energy Costs, Now is the time to install The Attic Blanket

  • Blocks 97% of Radiant Heat

  • Lowers Attic Temperatures up to 30 degrees

  • Reduce Heat Flow to Living Spaces up to 50%

  • Lowers Monthly Utility Costs

The Attic Blanket is a layer of reflective foil insulation that is placed in an air space to block radiant heat transfer between a heat radiating surface and a heat absorbing surface. The Attic Blanket effectively re-directs heat back towards its source. In the summer, heat is re-directed away from your home, but in the winter heat that resides in your home is trapped there.

This provides for a more efficient heating and cooling system year round. Call Steve toll free 1-877-358-3113 to schedule your free energy audit today!