About Us

Local Family Owned & Operated

Serving Northern Michigan & the Eastern U.P!
Born & Raised in Northern Michigan so we understand Northern Michigan Needs.

Steve was general manager of a large corporate construction company for 7 years.The pay was great but he hated the company’s business practices. Scott, Steve’s nephew, worked for the same corporation as a master installer. When Steve asked for time off to take care of his dying mother, the company fired him. After her death, Steve was rehired and he worked there for three months before deciding the money wasn’t worth the way he was treated. So he quit and took Scott and his crew with him.

Together with Steve’s wife Jen, they formed Green Horizons Home Improvement. They vowed to treat clients fairly and respectfully. To offer practical solutions to home repair and remodeling and an affordable price.

As a local northern Michigan family, they understand what is important to local residents, including the cold winter weather, keeping our environment clean and healthy, the economy and keeping prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. They treat every client as a priority and make their remodeling dreams come true.

When you call Green Horizons toll free number, it rings directly to Steve and Jen’s cell phones. There are no telemarketers or a call service. They are available for emergencies 24/7. Every call, every client gets their undivided attention. For this reason, clients hire Green Horizons again and again.

Call Steve and Jen today! 1-877-358-3113

Keep up to date on Steve and Jen’s remodel transformations by following their facebook page at www.facebook.com/ourgreenhorizon.